Digital solutions
for the century of biology


Raven biosciences is an innovation and consulting company based in Denmark and founded by experienced executives from the biotech and informatics industry.

We operate at the intersection of biology and information technology and tackle the most important questions in health care and life science.

Photo of Roald
Roald Forsberg, PhD
Founder and CEO

Dr. Roald Forsberg is a senior executive with extensive experience from biotechnology, bioinformatics and the development of drugs, diagnostics and medical devices. He brings a unique skill set and track record of developing and executing successful public-private research projects.

Photo of Kenneth
Kenneth Graabek Johansen
Founder and CFO

With a long track record and years of experience in business administration at an executive level, Kenneth Graabek Johansen provides full insight into business development, strategic planning, and commercial and business operations in the biomedical and informatics areas.

Photo of Mikkel
Mikkel Nygaard Ravn, PhD
Founder and CTO

A software architect and developer with 15+ years of hands-on experience designing and programming data-intensive systems for health care and life sciences. Mikkel Ravn fights IT complexity with conceptual clarity and sets up development teams for success by applying a principled approach to team work and software engineering.

We provide analysis and deep insights regarding digital products in life sciences and health care

We bring your strategy into action via full-service design, development and deployment of digital products for life science and bioinformatics

The digital revolution

The ability to generate massive and complex datasets of biological and health care data is transforming research and clinical practices. This transformation is dramatically changing the competitive landscape and customer needs. But for the companies that can adopt digital thinking this revolution offers exciting opportunities for new digital products and services.

We have extensive experience in building, designing, marketing, and selling digital products for the most demanding and dynamic markets.

We can help your organisation gain the insights and capabilities that allow you to seamlessly adapt and integrate into the digital infrastructure of your customers.

Together we can build a future-proof digital platform and design and build exciting new digital products which can augment and expand your product portfolio and business opportunities.

Unlocking the potential of Nordic health care data

Our services

We provide full services regarding the analysis of health care data in the areas of Disease Epidemiology, Pharmacoepidemiology, Biostatistics, and Health Economics.

Graphical service overview

In Disease Epidemiology our services include studies on clinical course, prognosis and etiology of disease, construction of standing cohorts and the design and execution of pragmatical trials

In Pharmaco­epidemiology we offer Post Authorization Safety Studies (PASS) and studies on the utilization and risk minimization of drugs along with the execution of 1-armed clinical trials

Our Health Economics services include analysis of Health Care Resource Utilization (HCRU), health care cost analysis, comparative effectiveness assessment, and implementation studies

We also offer a large range of Biostatistics services including sampling design, data management, data collection and compilation, and questionnaire and survey development

Software Services

You need to solve a business problem.
Software is part of the solution.
Now what?

We can help you define and execute your software development efforts with the speed, quality, and agility you need to succeed.

We offer experienced software professionals as consultants, interim team members, or full delivery teams. Let's discuss what best matches your situation.

We have decades of hands-on and executive experience directing, designing, and delivering software solutions in complex domains and business contexts.

The real question is:
How do we create value?

There is no single process that works regardless of context. Any "best practice" can be turned into a bad move by changing the circumstances.

That's why we prefer to start with a conversation about value. What does that mean to you, and how might we help? We know software development is not always the answer, just as we know cost is not always the key question.

Let's talk. We offer a free session with our senior experts focused on your business situation and the opportunities and risks of investing in software development — with or without help from us.

Download our leaflet.

Software development is about understanding the problem, discovering the solution, and then delivering it — in the simplest possible way that supports repeating the process, indefinitely.

Understand Deriving optimal value from software development investments requires a solid understanding of business goals and the context in which they are pursued.

Discover Knowing what problem to solve, a great solution can be discovered by software professionals working closely with business stakeholders to identify key product requirements, high-level design, and a viable software architecture.

Deliver Knowing the broad strokes of the solution, effective team work can be employed to flesh out the details and deliver quality software at high speed.

Repeat The steps of this process can be repeated to allow learning from previous iterations, to incrementally deliver highest value or highest risk work first, and/or to base project execution on steering rather than up-front planning.

We are what we repeatedly do.
Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.

Holistic perspective The performance of a software organization is not a simple function of individuals' contribution. Optimization must happen at the organization level and across product quality, delivery speed, business agility, cost effectiveness, and decision effectiveness.

Principled approach Our approach is based on five operational principles:

  • quality from rapid feedback
  • delivery speed from visible work
  • business agility from team autonomy
  • cost effectiveness from dedicated attention
  • decision effectiveness from deliberate options

We find that focusing on the latter brings about the former — by consequence of fundamental traits of software development.

What makes software development hard is the gap between what it promises and what it delivers, if you're not paying attention.

Rapid feedback Software can do arbitrary things and sometimes does, even if design or code look plausible. If you want fitness for purpose and high quality, you need continuous feedback from validation and verification activities. Are you building the right product? Are you building the product right?

Visible work Software work involves non-physical work items, easily ignored as they pile up to high levels of work-in-progress or form long queues around bottlenecks. Idle people are easier to spot, so organizations tend to keep everybody busy by starting new work while waiting for existing work items to leave the queues. This can be surprisingly inefficient. But you won't see it, and can't act on it, unless you make work visible.

Team autonomy Software can be deeply integrated, though it often seems to get entangled faster (by accident) than usefully integrated (serving a business purpose). When the business situation changes, organizations find themselves unable to respond in a timely manner due to this entanglement — of code, design, products, and teams. Business agility requires autonomous teams whose efforts are aligned to the seams of your business domain.

Dedicated attention Software development is in some ways similar to novel writing. Authors of novels need to keep the threads of multiple characters in mind along with intertwined plots, untold secrets, non-linear narratives. No wonder they often seek peace and quiet while writing. Software developers similarly juggle many intricate concerns that need simultaneous attention. When interrupted or distracted, they drop some of the balls, and it takes time and effort before the previous level of mental engagement resumes. How many 3-hour slots of uninterrupted work do your software team members get in a week? Is your organization able to keep the focus on its most important projects?

Deliberate options Software often doesn't appear "soft" at all, more like ossified decisions engraved in hard-to-change code. In an agile setting, such software is the likely result of team members focusing solely on features, delivered as fast as possible with everybody operating in tactical mode only. As an alternative, you may specify and track software in terms of more abstract capabilities. Features delivered today are then just today's way of combining and focusing available capabilities. A temporary decision while you build the maneuverability needed for tomorrow.


Are you looking to apply your software engineering skills to problems that matter? Do you want to do meaningful work while learning new domains and how best to serve them with software technology? Do you strive for the calm and confidence that results from engineering excellence?

Come join us at Raven biosciences. Whether you are an independent contractor or looking for a permanent position, we want to hear from you.

We are building a software services organization whose primary function is to match your team with a customer and then remove the obstacles and distractions that might derail you from delivering value to that customer, repeatedly and at speed. We consider the time and attention of our colleagues to be the most precious resource in a software effort. We prioritize flow, calmness, and personal and professional growth. We combine a mastery of process with any relevant tools of software engineering, algorithmics, and data science to help you help your customer succeed.

Our roots are in the domains of health care and life sciences. We are based in Aarhus, Denmark. But there are worthwhile problems to be solved everywhere.

If you are interested, please contact Mikkel Ravn, CTO at